January is here, everyone has created their New Year Resolutions and still feeling bloated after all the chocolates and Christmas dinner consumed during the holiday period. As for me, well I have a set a few of my own goals. One thing that hasn’t changed though is my gaming!

For me gaming is a release into another world, a way to unwind after a hard day’s graft. Christmas is a time that I look forward to getting my grubby mitts on some new games to explore. This year was no different and I was greeted by copies of Battlefield 1 and Dishonoured 2.

I’ve been itching to get a new multiplayer game, and Battlefield 1 certainly seems to hit the mark. Going back in time to World to end all wars has proven to be quite an addiction. The maps are vast and the detail, which has been lovingly crafted into every step you take in this world is simply breath taking.

DICE have managed to capture a sublime, yet scary atmosphere. An atmosphere, which makes me feel like I’m really in the trenches fighting for my very survival. The atmosphere shouts from the screen dragging you further into DICES world, as skirmishes erupt around all around you.

I must admit I have yet to delve into the single player, for me Battlefield and COD are all about the multiplayer element. I very rarely play through the single player, being sucked into the multiplayer world perhaps far too easily! I will get around to the single player, perhaps, one day.

All, of the familiar modes are here once more. Conquest, Team Deathmatch are present along with Rush. There are some new modes, Operations and the rather fun War Pigeons. Vehicles return, with planes, tanks and even horses.

I was a little worried about the horses. A few months ago, I managed to play the BETA and the horses seemed to be rather overpowered. In one match I was in control of the guns in a tank, speeding across the dessert when an enemy on horseback appeared. I shot the horse at least five times and it still, kept going, running around us in circles and somehow managed to kill me! This seemed rather disjointed!

Thankfully the balance between the vehicles and horses seem to have been fixed, making it more of a fair battle! Overall so far, I have rather enjoyed my time with Battlefield 1. DICE have done a great job of setting the scene, recreating World War 1. The detail in each level is amazing, with an atmosphere to match. This looks set to keep me hooked for months to come……


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